Please help support and realize a ZEITGEIST installation at the "HUMAN BE-IN" this weekend at GG PARK to protest greed by Parks

Posted by Uri / on 09/12/2012 / 0 Comments

Intro HEY GANG! There's a HUGE OPPORTUNITY for ZEITGEIST to reach TONS of like-minded individuals this weekend as GOLDEN GATE PARK is being TAKEN OVER by WE the PEOPLE! Believe it or not it is a FREE-FOR ALL "Human Be-IN" in GOLDEN GATE PARK to PROTEST the high fees the recreation and Parks dept is CHARGING everyone to Host events in GG PARK! (talk about synchronicities! didn't we run up against that one oueselves?) This act of CIVIL DISOBEDIENCE harkens back to the SUMMER OF LOVE when they used to do this sort of thing all the time. So why not do it again now? oh..We ARE!!!

So here's the IDEA> we set up a similar sound installallation as what I had at the Dolores Park gathering but this time with video and lasers for the nighttime!

DJing only-no live music (unless someone out there really wants to... then BY ALL MEANS!)Anyone who assists me in getting the equipment there and back has the opportunity to DJ as well!

WE SHOULD HAVE SOME BRIEF SPEECHES methinks as this is a protest action against everything we cannot stand about city govt. greed. (see the linked story in the examiner for the details)

THIS IS MY FAVORITE cause but I have NO TRANSPORTION so this my request for ASSISTANCE and cameraderie in realiing this vast opportunity to INCREASE OUR MEMBERSHIP! (although we need to get a bigger member limit on this site still?)

It's been TOO QUIET after such a succesful outing last time...time to get back to, PLAY!!!

This  is happening Fri and Saturday so one of those days we should DEFINITELY make an appearance! PLease ANYONE contact me if you wish to jopin and assist me! It will be a blast!

I can be reached at 415-627 6933 or email

And please contact me and befriend me on FACEBOOK (I'm URE THRALL)






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