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Over the last seven months since Z-Day, our chapter has been growing- in ways we haven't been able to measure. We've been meeting new people, seeing activists getting involved on the streets, in fairs, waving the 13' TZM banner over busy traffic, and making connections with other activists and showing them that TZM effectively encompasses nearly all activism work being done by NPOs today.

Though this is exciting, sometimes it's nice to see a nice jump in traffic.

If for some reason the image isn't showing up, here are the statistics since we've switched to Groupsite:


2,471 2,435 2,309 3,282 3,600 2,592 6,122 1,135

Mar '11 Apr '11 May '11 Jun '11 Jul '11 Aug '11 Sept '11 Oct '11


As you can see, we had pretty steady traffic throughout the last few months, but in September we had a huge jump in numbers. This could be partly attributed to our participation in the Occupy SF protests, where we've been actively spreading TZMs message, and the recent media festival in LA. It's only been 5 1/2 days into October, and we already have nearly half of the traffic for every month the rest of the year. 

So go out, and have fun, and take your role in the Zeitgeist Movement and run with it. You are making a difference, and we are growing.


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