CELSPACE run through Report

Posted by Uri / on 03/02/2012 / 0 Comments

Cel space is huge and we have both a gallery in the front and a small room upstairs to use in addition.

There is a nice deck at the back for projectors and audio tech.

There is also a huge projection screen and STAGE risers

 They obviously weren't expecting me though they were nice enough. Lauren showed me around (tho I knew the place well-just had to review what we had at our disposal fer the gig).

I asked if the space was having another event after our 5:30 end time and they didn't know,

Um is there any reason this isn't an evening event?

I really think  the draw would be better. But what do I know?

Sorry I missed u rande but  I was outta there by 7:30. Had to do a radio show.



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