A nice goal to set for ourselves: from a post by DANIEL PINCHBACK (reknowned writer on 2012 and entheogenist) on feceblaugh!

Posted by Uri / on 04/05/2012 / 1 Comment

Here's a fun little thought experiment: Imagine you had helped to create and launch a nonprofit community network that now had 40+ groups meeting each month, creating live events, etc. Imagine the focus of this movement - which grew quite organically - was "consciousness raising," spreading ideas and principles of a new planetary paradigm, such as permaculture, complementary currencies, and shaman...ic practices. What would be the most awesome way to direct this movement and give it a new purpose, a powerful impetus, so that it was as helpful as it could be, given the critical nature of our time? How would you keep it from being dismissed as cult-like? How would you conceive of its marketing and branding so it could spread out and reach as many people as possible?


NOW this would be a fully realized vision of what ZEITGEIST SF Bay Area can become!

On the way to that goal lets talk at this Sunday's meet about a DEFINITE DATE for our NExt QUARTERLY event! Whaddaya say guise?

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  • Sujey says:

    Awesome! Those principals are respected and we can certainly use them in transition into a Resource (B) Economy ;-).

    April 12, 2012 at 10:27 AM | Permalink


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