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  • The First Christmas

    Posted by Sujey / on 12/11/2012 / 0 Comments

    This is a great message for the Holidays created by James Phillips (TZM Education) which you can link to your facebook:

    "We always complain that Christmas has lost it's true meaning and become too materialistic, but we often don't really know how best to make a stand for the true meaning of Christmas.

    'The First Christmas' campaign is your chance to do just that.......

    By putting 'The First Christmas' logo badge on your facebook profile picture you are letting your friends and family know that this Christmas you would rather they give whatever they were going to spend on you this ..

  • Whats going on SF Chapter??!

    Posted by Gabriela / on 09/15/2012 / 3 Comments

    Hello everyone! First off, I really miss seeing you all, which leads me to me next point....

    What happened you guys?  We have meet ups, occasional events, and then it seems everyone just falls off and drifts apart and we all lose contact which subsequently leads to nothing happening. I think it's imperative now more than ever with the current social and political climate that we reconvene and get the ball rolling on the Zeitgeist SF chapter. Peoples minds are open now more than ever!  Now is the time to grab our gardening tools and begin planting seeds!  What happened to ..

  • Please help support and realize a ZEITGEIST installation at the "HUMAN BE-IN" this weekend at GG PARK to protest greed by Parks

    Posted by Uri / on 09/12/2012 / 0 Comments

    Intro HEY GANG! There's a HUGE OPPORTUNITY for ZEITGEIST to reach TONS of like-minded individuals this weekend as GOLDEN GATE PARK is being TAKEN OVER by WE the PEOPLE! Believe it or not it is a FREE-FOR ALL "Human Be-IN" in GOLDEN GATE PARK to PROTEST the high fees the recreation and Parks dept is CHARGING everyone to Host events in GG PARK! (talk about synchronicities! didn't we run up against that one oueselves?) This act of CIVIL DISOBEDIENCE harkens back to the SUMMER OF LOVE when they used to do this sort of thing all the time. So why not ..

  • U-R-I cannot make it to today's meet. my sincerest apologies...

    Posted by Uri / on 04/14/2012 / 0 Comments


    To be honest as much as I love meeting with ya'll I can realistically only commit to every OTHER Week. (which is a real shame as I was looking fwd to it!)

    I just have too many unfinished irons in the fire at present to joion you each and every week.

    I actually was under the impression that every 2 weeks or so was or meeting schedule but I supose I made that assumption all on my own!. And having weekly meetings is really brilliant and it's so fantastic how everyone's level of commitment to our chapter is simply WUNDERBAR!

    My ..

  • ww

    Posted by ji / on 04/07/2012 / 0 Comments


  • A nice goal to set for ourselves: from a post by DANIEL PINCHBACK (reknowned writer on 2012 and entheogenist) on feceblaugh!

    Posted by Uri / on 04/05/2012 / 1 Comment

    Here's a fun little thought experiment: Imagine you had helped to create and launch a nonprofit community network that now had 40+ groups meeting each month, creating live events, etc. Imagine the focus of this movement - which grew quite organically - was "consciousness raising," spreading ideas and principles of a new planetary paradigm, such as permaculture, complementary currencies, and shaman...ic practices. What would be the most awesome way to direct this movement and give it a new purpose, a powerful impetus, so that it was as helpful as it could be, given the critical nature of our time? How would ..

  • ZEITGEIST radio special airing NOW! podcast to be posted in the INTERSTELLAR NIHILISM section after 1pm today

    Posted by Uri / on 03/05/2012 / 0 Comments

    Stayed up all night last night so I could start airing it ASAP. I just felt THursday was a little late to start the PR..

    I used both the rough drafts of the speeches we went through SAT

    and the interview we did at my place FRI. just came in at 2 hours. plus I made a hilarious new PSA.


    I soundtracked all of it with stuff I found appropeau.

    I took out as many UMMs anfd Yknows as I could and it sounds really slick.

    I started airing just after 10 am and if I see any more open ..

  • CELSPACE run through Report

    Posted by Uri / on 03/02/2012 / 0 Comments

    Cel space is huge and we have both a gallery in the front and a small room upstairs to use in addition.

    There is a nice deck at the back for projectors and audio tech.

    There is also a huge projection screen and STAGE risers

     They obviously weren't expecting me though they were nice enough. Lauren showed me around (tho I knew the place well-just had to review what we had at our disposal fer the gig).

    I asked if the space was having another event after our 5:30 end time and they didn't know,

    Um is there any reason ..

  • ZEITGEIST SPEAKERS- please come let me INTERVIEW You for part of a 2 -hour ZEITGEIST special on RADIO

    Posted by Uri / on 02/27/2012 / 0 Comments

    If anyone is interested I offer an open invitation to come by my North Beach studio and record an interview to be part of a proposed two-hour zeitgeist special on radio valencia (and ideally eleswhere as in wherever we can get it played!).

    I now have a 2-hour special Thursdays at 10pm that would be a great time to air the zeitgeist special.

    ALTERNATELY whoever wants to can just show up at my place at 371 columbus avenue at 9:30 or so, and we can just air it on the fly.

    ONCE ITS TAPED Aslan, Jennifer and I can air it ..


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